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The Effects of Forest Fires on Local Flora Essay

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Plants, trees, and other similar organisms constitute the community of a forest. These plants and trees stand together on a common soil ground, where they populate around each other to establish a full-fledged, bright green forest. Many factors can harm this forest community and annihilate the organisms that live there. One of the most devastating events is forest fires, which result in drastic environmental and biological changes. In the environmental aspect, the forest fire heats up the soil, causing chemical and physical changes of the soil composure. In the biological aspect, the fire destroys most of the organic life in the forest, as well as the microbiological life in the soil. Many scientists had studied the effects of such forest…show more content…

All treatments had demonstrated similar effects on the microbial population of the soil (Chambers & Attiwill, 1994). All the treatments except soil heating had showed no particular effects on the physical characteristics of the soil (Chambers & Attiwill, 1994). Instead, the treatment of heating temperature of 400oC to 600oC had produced significant increase in nitrogen and phosphorus, which was paralleled with the decrease in clay colloid of the soil (Chambers & Attiwill, 1994). The scientists also noted toxicity in plants grown in the heated soil, which might be caused by a concentration increase of manganese (Chambers & Attiwill, 1994). The concentration of manganese is lower in the plant tissues of the subgenus Monocalypus than in the subgenus Symphyomyrtus, which could account for the variety of toxicity potential (Chambers & Attiwill, 1994). From their results, Chambers and Attiwill concluded that the ash-bed effect is due to the increase of nutrients in the soil, especially that of nitrogen and phosphorus (1994). They also mentioned that soil sterilization methods can have different effects depending on treatment type, method of treatment, moisture content, and soil type (Chambers & Attiwill, 1994). Furthermore, another site was examined by scientists that showed the ash-bed effect. After a

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Causes and Effects of Forest Fires
Wildfires are caused by many different things.   They can be sparked by lightening or human related activities.   Regardless of their source of ignition, the effects of forest fires are both good and bad.  
As the monsoon season passes, vegetation from seasons past begins to dry out, raising the threat of forest fires.   These fires have a variety of sources, such as man’s negligence, a natural occurrence like lightening, or an earthquake like the one that caused the San Francisco fire of 1906.   No matter how the fire started, it needs fuel, heat, and oxygen to survive.   In forests, the fuel is provided by the trees and bushes.   Oxygen is not hard to find, seeing as it is all around us in the air.   And without heat, the fire could not continue.
When wood reaches 572°, it gives off a gas which reacts with oxygen to make a flame.   The flame will heat the remaining wood, making the fire grow stronger.   This reaction is called a flashpoint.   Every substance on this earth has a flashpoint, and in the case of dried seasoned vegetation, the fuel level is high and the flashpoint is very low, increasing the danger of wildfires.  
There is more than one type of wild fire; there are actually 3 different types.   The first type is a grass fire.   Grass fires are a serious problem in the Great Plains.   Oklahoma even has road signs up to warn motorists “DO NOT DRIVE INTO SMOKE.”   While grass fires may not burn as hot or long as a forest fire, they can be just as deadly.   Some causes of forest fires are careless campers who don’t clear a large enough fire ring, careless smokers who throw out cigarette butts instead of using their ashtray, thoughtless people who throw their bottles out beside the highway (they can act as magnifying glasses and use the sun’s direct light/heat to start a fire), and many other things, whether natural or negligence.
Brush fires are the second type of wildfire.   Brush fires burn much hotter than...

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