Getting Elite Player Syndicate Assignment

To unlock the ARM in Battlefield Hardline's Multiplayer mode you must complete two syndicate assignments. Before those assignments can be even started, a pre-requisite must be met. Below are the pre-requirements and the award requirements for each assignment, along with a few tips and tricks on how to complete them.

  • Operator Assignment 2
  • 10 operator specific guns and/or gadgets purchased
  • Unlock Operator Gold Service Star 1

The Operator Assignment 2 unlocks the G17. You can read more about that at How to Unlock the G17.

Purchase ten weapons specific to the Operator class. See the Operator class page for a list of all weapons and gadgets available in that class.

Unlock the Operator Gold Service Star. Gold Service Stars are awarded for playing as a specific class, and earning a set amount of points. After earning 10 Bronze and 10 Silver Stars, you will earn the first Gold Service Star.

To get this quickly, play as an Operator in the Hotwire game mode. That's the quickest way to earn cash. See also: How to Earn Cash Fast.

  • 200 Assault Rifle kills
  • Unlock the Operator's tier 4 Reputation track in 10 different matches
  • 15 First Aid Pack Coins
  • 15 Revive Coins

Score 200 kills with any Assault Rifles or Carbines. This can be done on any game mode.

Earn the Operator's Tier 4 Reputation Track in 10 different matches. The easiest way to do this is add a Reputation Boost to the Operator class while playing Hotwire. After that, keep playing towards the objective. The reputation tracks will eventually fill up as you earn more points.

Earn 15 First Aid Pack coins. To get a First Aid Coin, you must heal eight players with the First Aid Pack in a single game. Stick close to your team and drop a First Aid Pack whenever their health gets low.

Earn 15 Revive Coins. To earn a Revive coin, you must revive five teammates in a single game. To revive a teammate, you must buy the Defibrillator or Revive gadget for $14,400. Buying one will unlock the other. Equip it and use it on a fallen teammate to revive them. It must be done within a few seconds after death.

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How to Unlock the MAC-10

Battlefield Hardline - Syndicate Assignment Requirements

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If you've been playing Battlefield Hardline's multiplayer, you may have noticed some of the best weapons in the game are locked behind the new Syndicate Assignments. If you check the in-game stats, you'll find nothing but ??? for the prerequisites. Don't worry, I got you covered. Below is a list of all the Syndicate Assignments, their prerequisites to unlock, and the reward. Enjoy!

The Syndicate Criteria is what you have to complete to unlock the Syndicate Assignment.
The Syndicate Unlocked is what you have to complete to receive the reward.

** To view your progression, visit and use the search button on the top right corner to get to your profile. From there select Battlefield Hardline > Awards > Assignments > Then scroll down to the "Syndicate Assignments".

** There is a know issue with some Syndicate Assignments not unlocking after meeting the required prerequisites. As you can see below in the comments, many people are having this issue. One thing to try is to buy a few more guns in that specific class. The "buy 10 weapons" might be a little buggy so try and buy a few more weapons or gadgets for that class. If that doesn't work, you'll have to take it up with EA, Visceral Games, or someone else to fix the issue.**

Criminal Activity DLC Assignments

Bounty Hunter Criteria
- Rank 10
- Win 5 Bounty Hunter Matches

Bounty Hunter Unlocked
- 50 Bounty Hunter Coins
- 50 Bounty Denied Coins

Reward: Bounty Hunter Assignment Patch

Fast and Bloody Criteria
- Rank 25

Fast and Bloody Unlocked
- 20 Road Kills
- 100 Hotwire Cruising Coins

Reward: Patch, Bunny Mask

Boost It Baby Criteria
- Rank 25

Boost It Baby Unlocked
- 20 Hotwired Vehicles
- 100 Hotwire Takedown Coins

Reward: Patch, Motorcycle Helmet

Primal Smash Criteria
- Rank 25

Primal Smash Unlocked 
- 25 Kills with Sledgehammer
- 25 Kills with Baseball Bat
- 50 Kills with Knife

Reward: Patch, Gorilla Mask

Phalanx Criteria
- Rank 25

Phalanx Unlocked
- 25 Kills with Ballistic Shield
- 100 Kills with FAL
- 100 Kills with SG510
- 100 Kills with KSG12

Reward: Patch, Tactical Helmet

Prehistoric Boom Criteria
- Rank 25

Prehistoric Boom Unlocked
- 250 Kills with M1A1
- 100 Kills with M1911
- 100 Kills with .44 Magnum

Reward: Patch, Dino Mask

Original Tactics Criteria
- Rank 25

Original Tactics Unlocked
- 15 Kills with Defibrillator or Revive Tool
- 15 Kills with Zipline
- 15 Kills with Repair Tool
- 15 Kills with Nail Gun

Reward: Patch, Ballistic Helmet

Beware of Dog Criteria
- Rank 50
- Black Market Assignment

Beware of Dog Unlocked
- 500 Kills with ARM
- 500 Kills with Double-Barrel Shotgun

Reward: Patch, Wolf Mask

Shut It Down Criteria
- Rank 50
- Black Market Assignment

Shut It Down Unlocked
- 500 Kills with FMG-9
- 500 Kills with .300 Knockout

Reward: Patch, Riot Helmet

Battlefield Hardline Assignments

Operator Syndicate Criteria
- Operator Assignment 2
- 10 Operator specific guns and/or gadgets purchased
- Operator Gold Service Star

Operators Syndicate Unlocked
- 200 Assault Rifle Kills
- Unlock the Operator's tier 4 Reputation track in 10 matches
- 15 First Aid Pack Coins
- 15 Revive Coins
Reward: Patch, ARM

Enforcer Syndicate Criteria
- Enforcer Assignment 2
- 10 Enforcer specific guns and/or gadgets purchased
- Enforcer Gold Service Star

Enforcer Syndicate Unlocked
- 200 Shotgun or Battle Rifle kills
- Unlock the Enforcer's tier 4 Reputation track in 10 matches
- 15 Ammo Resupply Coins
- 15 Ballistic Shield Coins
Reward: Patch, Double-Barrel Shotgun

Mechanic Syndicate Criteria
- Mechanic Assignment 2
- 10 Mechanic specific guns and/or gadgets purchased
- Mechanic Gold Service Star

Mechanic Syndicate Unlocked
- 200 SMG Kills
- Unlock the Mechanic's tier 4 Reputation track in 10 matches
- 15 Repair Tool Coins
- 15 Anti-Vehicle Coins
Reward: Patch, FMG9

Professional Syndicate Criteria
- Professional Assignment 2
- 10 Professional specific guns and/or gadgets purchased
- Professional Gold Service Star

Professional Syndicate Unlocked
- 200 Sniper Rifle Kills
- Unlock the Professional's tier 4 Reputation track in 10 matches
- 15 Camera Coins
- 15 Marksman Coins

Reward: Patch, .300 Knockout

Ground Vehicle Syndicate Criteria
- Earn 250,000 points across all Ground Vehicles
- 20 Upgrades purchased for any combination of Ground Vehicles
- Ground Vehicle Assignment 2

Ground Vehicle Syndicate Unlocked
- 200 Kills in Land Vehicles
- Destroy 50 Land Vehicles
- 15 Armored Vehicle Coins
- 15 SUV Coins

Reward: Patch, Gold Hammer

Air Vehicle Syndicate Criteria
- Earn 250,000 points across all Air Vehicles
- 20 Upgrades purchased for any combination of Air Vehicles
- Air Vehicle Assignment 2

Air Vehicle Syndicate Unlocked
- 200 Aerial Vehicles Kills
- Destroy 50 Aerial Vehicles
- 15 Attack Helicopter Coins
- 15 Transport Helicopter Coins

Reward: Patch, Gold Baton

Water Vehicle Syndicate Criteria
- Earn 250,000 points across all Water Vehicles
- 10 Upgrades purchased for any combination of Water Vehicles
- Water Vehicle Assignment 2

Water Vehicle Syndicate Unlocked
- 200 Boat Kills
- Destroy 50 Gun Boats
- 15 Gunboat Coins
- 15 Anti-Vehicle Coins

Reward: Patch, Gold Crowbar

Gray Hat Syndicate Criteria
- Hacker Assignment 2
- Upgrade to Point of Interest version 5
- Upgrade to Overclock version 5

Gray Hat Syndicate Unlocked
- 10 Hacker Point of Interest Coins
- 10 Hacker Trace Coins
- 10 Hacker Overclock Coins

Reward: Patch, Gold Knife

Black Hat Syndicate Criteria
- Hacker Assignment 2
- Upgrade to Back Door version
- Upgrade to GPS Jamming version 5

Black Hat Syndicate Unlocked
- 10 Hacker GPS Jamming Coins
- 10 Hacker Back Door Coins
- 10 Hacker Trojan Coins

Reward: Patch, Gold Golf Club

White Hat Syndicate Criteria 
- Hacker Assignment 2
- Upgrade to Fast Deploy version 5
- Upgrade to GPS Spotting version 5

White Hat Syndicate Unlocked
- 10 Hacker Fast Deploy Coins
- 10 Hacker Squad Upgrade Coins
- 10 Hacker GPS Spotting Coins

Reward: Patch, Gold Boot

Game Mode Syndicate Criteria
- Rank 100
- Unlock all game mode assignments
- Unlock All 7 Game Modes at Gold Service Star 1

Game Mode Syndicate Unlocked
- Win 20 Rounds of Heist
- Win 20 Rounds of Blood Money
- Win 20 Rounds of Crosshair
- Win 20 Rounds of Hotwire
- Win 20 Rounds of Rescue

Reward: Patch, Gold Scout

Close Range Syndicate Criteria
- Melee Bounty
- Ballistic Shield Bounty
- Melee Assignment

Close Range Syndicate Unlocked
- Interrogate 100 enemies
- Steal patches from 100 enemies
- 15 T62 CEW Coins
- 15 Melee Coins

Reward: Patch, Gold Seal

Criminal Syndicate Criteria
- Black Market Assignment
- Headshot Bounty
- Explosives Bounty

Criminal Syndicate Unlocked
- 10 Heist Grand Larceny Coins
- 10 Rescue Criminal Supremacy Coins
- 10 Crosshair Assassin Coins
- 10 Hotwire Cop Supremacy Coins
- Kill 50 Law Enforcement Faction player with hand grenades

Reward: Patch, Gold Survival

Black Market Criteria
- Zipline purchased
- Sabotage Tool purchased
- Grappling Hook purchased

Black Market Unlocked
- 5 Explosive Coins
- 5 Zipline Coins
- 5 Grappling Hook Coins

Reward: Black Market Assignment Patch

Justice Syndicate Criteria
- Cop Gear Assignment
- Interrogation Bounty
- T62 Bounty

Justice Syndicate Unlocked
- 10 Heist Cop Supremacy Coins
- 10 Rescue Cop Supremacy Coins
- 10 Crosshair Cop Supremacy Coins
- 10 Hotwire Cop Supremacy Coins

Reward: Patch, Gold Trench

Gun Syndicate Criteria
- 10 Primary Weapon Licenses purchased
- 5 Secondary Weapon Licenses purchased
- 30 Primary or Secondary guns owned

Gun Syndicate Unlocked
- 200 Shotgun Kills
- 200 Battle Rifle Kills
- 200 Sniper Rifle Kills
- 200 Assault Rifle Kills
- 200 SMG Kills

Reward: Patch, Gold Lead Pipe

Progression Syndicate Criteria
- Earn 10,000 kills across all primary and secondary weapons
- Earn 1,000,000 points across all classes
- Earn 500,000 points across all vehicles

Reward: Patch, Gold Machete

Elite Player Syndicate Criteria
- MVP Bounty
- Avenger Bounty
- Savior Bounty

Elite Player Syndicate Unlocked
- 2 MVP and Ace Squad coins in the same match
- End a Heist match with a Score of 30,000 or higher
- End a Conquest match with a Score of 30,000 or higher
- End a Blood Money match with a Score of 30,000 or higher
- Earn a Multiple Kill bonus of 500 or higher

Reward: Patch, Gold Sledge Hammer

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