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IASEXAMPORTAL.COM Open Essay Competition

IASEXAMPORTAL.COM presents the First Open Essay Competition, for the Civil Services Aspirants. Today, an important part of the strategy for civil services examination is- to develop a good writing habit. Having a good understanding of the syllabus might not help you as long as you do not have a good writing skill. Thus, with an intention to help the aspirants in improving their writing skills, IASEXAMPORTAL.COM presents ‘Open Essay Competition’ for the very first time.

Any candidate may enroll for this essay competition. Besides the opportunity to improve yourself.

:: Topics ::

 ESSAY Topic for February 2015: 

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Previous Topics:

July 2014:

May 2014:

April 2014:

March 2014:

The main features of the Essay course would be-

  • Get articles on how to write a good essay, and how to improve your writing skills.
  • 2 Essays per Month.
  • Each Essay topic would be communicated, along with a suggested framework, to help you to get started.
  • Thorough Evaluation of each essay by an expert team, along with the Grade-sheet for your essay, to let you know about the marks breakup.
  • Communication about the quality and other aspects of the essay through mail and phone.
  • Guidelines for each essay before you start writing.
  • Automatic registration in monthly open essay competition.
  • The cost of the course has been low so as to help every section of the student community. Buying only a book costs you Rs. 300+, without any guidance and support. But the IASEXAMPORTAL gives you the opportunity to prepare for the essay paper in just Rs.1500 Rs. 599, with all guidance and support, and prizes for the toppers.

Sample Material:

Further benefits and features of the mini-course are as under:

S. No.

Free Demo

Premium Short Course

1 Monthly essay competition Essay Competition every after 15-days
2 Prize for Winners Prize for Winners
3 No Review and Feedback Detailed Feedback of the Essay, along with comments, weaknesses and strong points, and suggestions
4 No support Editor's Personal Support via mail and Phone
5 No preparation guidelines Guidelines and Articles for Preparing Essays
6 No support for Mains Essay Paper Comprehensive coverage and Practice for Mains Essay Paper (250 marks)
7 --- Writing practice for Mains, along with our feedback on your entries.
8 No Participation costOnly Rs.1500 Rs. 599 for 6 Months. (till Mains)

at just Rs. 85 per Month.

We Wish the Candidates All the Best!!!



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Format and Submissions:

  • Students may submit two (2) different essays.
  • Word limit per essay: 700 (does not include Title)
  • Typed and double-spaced in 11- or 12-point Times New Roman font
  • Print 2 copies on white, unlined paper
  • Type the student’s Entry ID on the top of each page. This number will be found on your Entry Form Confirmation message. NO OTHER identification should appear on these pages, to ensure the judging is anonymous.

Note to Parents: Essays must be completely the work of the student entering the contest. No assistance in editing or proof reading is permissible. While we encourage students to brainstorm and discuss topic options with their parents, the construction and language of each essay should be entirely done by the student. Parents may:

  • Type essays for younger students.
  • Direct students to resources where answers can be found (e.g. suggesting a student look in a dictionary or specific book if he or she has a question about spelling a word or a specific topic).
  • Help students understand the grammar or spelling suggestions made by the Word processor.

How to Enter:

Entering is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Fill out the Entry Form online to be issued an Entry ID number. Fill out an online Entry Form for each essay. You do not need to print this. You may also download and print an Entry Form to mail in with your essay instead of entering online. In this case, do not write any Entry ID number on your essay.

  2. On both copies of your essay, type or write your Entry ID number on the top right corner and your Age Category number on the top left corner:

  3. Mail your essay and entry fee, payable to HSLDA. Remember to include an entry fee for each essay – they may be combined onto one check. Mail to:

  4. HSLDA
    Attn: Essay Contest
    PO Box 3000
    Purcellville, VA 20134

Entry Fee:

Multiple entries may be mailed in the same envelope and the multiple entry fees may be included on one check.

Regular Entry Fee$15.00 per essay
HSLDA Member Discounted Entry Fee$10.00 per essay

Please pay via check or money order made payable to "HSLDA" with a note of "Essay Contest" in the memo line.  Foreign checks not accepted.  Contact the Contest Coordinator if you have any questions regarding payment: 


Contest winners will receive a cash congratulations, plus a wonderful transcript booster!

1st Place$100$150$200
2nd Place$75$100$150
3rd Place$50$50$100
Honorable Mentions (2)$25$25$50

Where the Contest Profits Go

All contest profits go to our charitable arm, the Home School Foundation, which uses them to provide low-income homeschooling families with access to educational and legal resources to help them continue homeschooling.

To learn about the mission and funds of the Home School Foundation, visit their website at

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