Capercaillie Gcse Analysis Essay

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    Here are some resources which may be useful for revision:

    Resource 1
    Resource 2
    Resource 3
    Resource 4
    Resource 5

    Also, post your answers to the following questions:
    1 Favourite Set Piece
    2 Least Favourite Set Piece
    3 Most Confident Set Piece
    4 Least Confident Set Piece
    5 Do You Regret Taking Music?
    6 Have You Started Revising Yet

    Predictions for the essays in Section B of the paper are also helpful so if you have any suggestions please say.

    Other Resources would also be useful!

  2. Hey! Firstly thanks for those resources ,
    1. Favorite: And The Glory Of The Lord (Closely followed by Something's Coming)
    2. Least Favorite: Rag Desh
    3. Most confident: And The Glory Of The Lord
    4. Lest confident: Rag Desh (If you look carefully you may be able to see a relation between how much I like it and how confident I am in it!)
    5. Regret?: Um... Sorry for starting this thread off on such a negative note, but yes, yes I do, very much. It is easily my worst subject, by far .
    6. Revising yet?: I plan to start soon... *cue inevitable procrastination*

    Predictions? I'm hoping for Handel, but we never know. - This seems relevant, but it was wrong for 2015, it seems Edexcel are mixing it up . Oh and last years revision threads are also quite useful.


    This is a confession, I has to search up the set works because I forgot

Comment on how Capercaillie uses the following musical elements in Skye Waulking Song:
Tonality and harmony.
Instruments and texture.
Dynamics and tempo.

Capercaillie is a modern folk band made up of 8 musicians.  They play traditional folk instruments.  Their music is a mix of traditional Celtic songs and more contemporary ideas. 

Tonality and Harmony:
The harmony is very simple throughout the song.  There are only 4 chords in the whole song.  The chord changes are infrequent but are noticeable when tyhey happen.  This highlights the mood of the piece.  In section one it’s in E minor - the chords change between Em and G and in section two it’s in G major. The harmonic rhythm describes the way the chord progression moves below the tune in a piece of music.  The chords make the piece irregular because they keep changing and this affects the mood of the piece.

Instruments and Texture:
Capercaillie is a Celtic folk band and they play traditional folk instruments like Uilleann pipes, flute, fiddle, accordion and bouzouki, over the top of more modern instruments like drums, piano/keyboard and bass guitar. It has a polyrhythmic texture - lots of different rhythms are being played at the same time. 

Capercaillie - Skye Waulking Song is taken from a traditional type of chant the women sang while waulking (which is a kind of clothmaking).  They would sing songs to pass the time.  Originally this folksong would have been an unaccompanied melody and this was changed by Capercaillie when they added music to it.  The melodic lines are played in the folk style and the instruments improvise around the melody at the same time.  They sometimes play a very similar melody in slightly different ways and sometimes they weave a complex counterpoint (groups of instruments) around the melody and scale. The backing instruments create an atmospheric background sound while the fiddle becomes more obvious but still concentrates more on affects...

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