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Branding within an organisation is an important source for maintaining the standard quality for production of the product and rendering of services. An organisation needs to establish a relationship of trust and confidence with its customers so that it can understand the requirements accordingly and cater to its best possible way. The particular research is conducted in the reference to the Primark, clothing retail sector. Consumers’ decision-making process tries to influence the choice selection for a product made by the consumers. However, branding shapes up an important tool effective in shaping the consumers’ behaviour for a particular product.


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In the particular dissertation study, the researcher has tried to understand the role of branding in consumers’ decision-making process of Primark. Application of primary and secondary sources along with quantitative and qualitative techniques has helped the researcher in gaining better details of the research topic. Based on the result of the study, the researcher has also listed list of recommendations that can ideally help the organisation in adopting better branding strategy.


Conducting this research has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life. The contribution of this research to enhance my knowledge base and analytical skill has been paramount. It gave me the opportunity to face challenges in the process and overcome them. This would not have been possible without the valuable guidance of my professors, peers and all the people who have contributed to this enriching experience. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my supervisor ----------------------- for the constant guidance and support provided to me during the process of this research. It would not be justified if I did not thank my academic guides for their important and valuable assistance and encouragement throughout the research process. I would also like to thank my friends who had provided me with help and encouragement for collecting primary data and valuable resources. Finally, I would like to thank the professionals from the retail industry who have participated in the research survey and provided with valuable inputs into the subject. The support of all these people has been inspiring and enlightening throughout the process of research in the subject.

Heartfelt thanks and warmest wishes,

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. 7

Introduction. 7

1.1 Introduction: 7

1.2 Research Aim: 7

1.3 Research Objectives: 7

1.4 Research Questions: 8

1.5 Background of the Topic: 8

1.6 Background of the Company: Primark. 9

1.7 Rationale of the Study: 9

1.8 Purpose of the Study: 10

1.9 Structure of the Study: 10

1.10 Summary: 11

Chapter 2. 12

Literature Review.. 12

2.1 Introduction: 12

2.4 Consumers’ Buying Process: 15

2.5 Consumers’ Buying Behaviour: 17

2.5.1 Model of Consumers’ Buying Behaviour: Howard Seth Model: 18

2.6 Defining market: 19

2.7 Matured market: 19

2.7.1 Values: 19

2.7.2 Retail brand promotions: 20

2.7.3 Building a retail brand value chain: 20

2.8 Brand building impact: 21

2.9 Extending brand value to customer value: 22

2.10 Delivering customer value: 23

2.11 Primark: Value for money. 24

2.12 Conclusion: 25

Chapter 3. 26

Research Methodology. 26

3.1 Introduction: 26

3.2 Method Outline: 26

3.3 Research Onion: 26

3.4 Research Philosophy: 27

3.4.1 Justification for selection of the chosen Philosophy: 28

3.5 Research Approach: 28

3.5.1 Justification for selection of the chosen Approach: 28

3.6 Research Design: 29

3.6.1 Justification for selection of the chosen Design: 29

3.7 Data Collection Procedure: 30

3.7.1 Data Sources: Primary and Secondary. 30

3.7.2 Data Techniques: Qualitative and Quantitative. 30

3.8 Population and Sample: 30

3.8.1 Sampling Technique: 31

3.8.2 Sample Size: 31

3.9 Ethical Considerations: 31

3.10 Research Limitations: 32

3.11 Time Horizons: 32

3.12 Summary: 33

Chapter 4. 34

Data Analysis, Findings and Interpretation. 34

4.0 Introduction: 34

4.2.1 Quantitative Analysis: For Customers (Part A). 34

4.2.2 Qualitative Analysis: For Managers (Part B). 47

4.3 Conclusion: 51

Chapter 5. 52

Conclusion and Recommendations. 52

5.1 Conclusion: 52

5.3 Recommendations: 53

5.4 Limitations of the Study: 54

5.5 Further Scope of the Study: 54

Reference List: 55

Appendix: A.. 58

Appendix: B. 61

Table 1: Gantt chart. 33

Table no. 2: Customers of Primark since when?. 34

Table no. 3: Satisfaction with brand value of Primark. 36

Table no. 4: Primark is attempting to focus on branding to generate new customers and retain old one   37

Table no. 5: Loyalty of customers towards the brand, Primark. 38

Table no. 6: Branding is important while selecting a retail product. 40

Table no. 7: Factors that forces consumers to opt for Primark’s products in comparison to rival firms. 41

Table no. 8: Factors that needs more emphasis for better brand value of Primark. 42

Table no. 9: Maintenance of standardisation of a product is crucial for branding. 44

Table no. 10: Branding helps in increasing the reliability for a product. 45

Table no. 11: Brand of a product is more important than price of the product. 46




Customers need to emphasise on the value of a product before making any choice so that they can opt for the best options as available to them. However, an organisation thrives on focussing the concept of brand building so that consumers can get attracted within the organisation or towards the product. The competition level existent in the market is trying to work on various parameters that can help in attracting new customers while retaining the old ones. Dyche (2008) commented that customers try to go for better quality that is usually assumed with the help of branding and goodwill of the organisation. Organisations focus on the brand building so that importance for a particular product is enhanced and sale of goods takes place. Branes and Schultz (2009) noticed that gaining customers’ attraction for many products is the sole objective of the sellers so that product can be sold in the market.

Research Aim

The particular study will aim at studying the mind of consumers and their decision-making for any product based on the concept of branding. Topic will involve analysis of the branding during the process of consumers’ buying behaviour. The researcher selected Primark as the case study so that concept of branding and consumers’ decision-making process can be analysed at better and focussed way. With the help of various theories and concepts, the researcher will try to define the relationship between branding and customer’s decision-making process.

Research Objectives

According to the research aim, framing of research objectives will be established so that further penetration of the research topic is taken into consideration. With the help of research objectives, the sub-division of the research topic will be enabled that will allow proper categorisation of broad topic into appropriate forms. List of objectives helpful in successful achievement of the research aim are as enlisted below:

  • To recognise the role played by brand in sale of the product or services
  • To analyse the importance of branding in Primark
  • To identify the relation of product branding and customers’ decision-making process
  • To understand the factors helpful in giving brand recognition to products of Primark

Research Questions

Research questions are considered to be helpful in understanding the topic of the research in a much easy and detail manner. List of research questions lays emphasis on the area of analysis that can help in gaining relevant and useful information as per the selected topic. Thus, the list of research questions for the particular topic is as enumerated below:

  • How brand of a product helps in achieving better sales for an organisation?
  • What is the role of branding for the products of Primark?
  • What is the relationship between product branding and customers’ decision-making process?
  • What are the factors helpful in giving brand recognition to products of Primark?

Thus, the above-mentioned research questions will allow throwing better light on the research topic along with better collection of related data and information.

Background of the Topic

Branding as a process of attracting customers holds the theme of the research project. Chernatony et al. (2010) noted that branding essentially focuses on building a communication bridge between the buyers and the sellers. Further, branding also involves trust and confidence relationship that initiates a consumer to be loyal to the organisation irrespective of the price or substitutes. Brand building is the trend available in the market that helps in improving the participation of the organisation. Customers rely on the concept of branding as it involves better control and dominance of the market over the rival firms.

Concept of strategic brand management helps in creating larger customer base for the organisation so that amidst the rival firms, rise of a specific company can take place and gain mind positioning among the consumers. Branes and Schultz (2009) described that brand management needs to have involvement of brand awareness so that customers can gain adequate knowledge about the products and the services catered by the organisation. Followed by brand awareness, focus on brand image is required that can help in continuous management of the branding concept and retain customers effectively within an organisation.

Background of the Company: Primark

Based in Ireland, Primark is a clothing retail sector that tries to adopt the concept of branding to gain customer base at larger number. The company holds more than 38 stores across the nation that includes Austria, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands and United Kingdom. Based in Dublin, the company tries to              operate on the plan of market expansion. Initiated in 1969, the company tries to target consumers with the help of quality that can focus on the quality as well as customer retention (, 2013).

This retailing firm emphasises on the customer retention policy with the help of branding so that it can compete with the other clothing retailing firms effectively. Inclusion of menswear and ladieswear is helping the brand in sustaining the retail competitiveness at a much better level. Fashion labels under the brand of Primark are gaining customers with the much focus on quality as well as price of the product.

Rationale of the Study



The basic reason for choosing this particular topic is the importance of taste and preference of the customers in the process of buying any products. Mentality of the customers is shifting from local products to branded products that highlight the concept of brand awareness among consumers as well. In contemporary society, brand name is the major factor of influencing customers’ mind while selecting a product for buying. However, the brand value in customers’ mind along with its effect in the market is the focus of the marketers to achieve strong hold in the market. Customers go for the branded products although its cost is higher than local products; it elevates the role of brand over prices for a set of goods. Customers are willing to buy branded products repeatedly because branding of product that certifies for quality of the product and becomes priority over the price.

Brand value creates a sense of security within the customers concerning quality of the product. On the other hand, branding also encourages better focus on customers’ preferences and specifications so that customisation can enhance the brand to a new level. Branding within an organisation supports the concept of loyalty as it derives satisfaction from the customers that is essential to gain repeated customers. Although there are many more substitute are available in the market with a lower rate of the product, but customers prefer the branded products to the alternatives. Lack of branding for a definite set of products fails in guarantying for the quality of the product that also restricts the trust and confidence of customers towards the product. This lack of trust and confidence also results in losing customers over a period of time and switching customers also becomes issue with the organisation. Preference of customers for brand helps in putting importance to the quality of the product instead of price.

Purpose of the Study

Selection of this topic will try to focus on the relationship between the branding of the product and the customer retention. Organisations today try to focus on branding concept so that customers are attracted and influenced while making buying-decision process (Dyche, 2008). The research aims to understand the importance of branding as a parameter of consumer buying behaviour. The various factors that help a consumer in making choice for a selection will be considered so that role of branding can be evaluated at better level. In the particular study, the researcher will focus on the role of branding with special reference to Primark so that relationship existent between branding of Primark’s products and customers is analysed at better rate.

Structure of the Study

The researcher has made short division of the research topics so that each perspective of the topic can be highlighted and observed in detailed manner. Based on five chapters, the content of the chapter will be segregated as below:

Chapter 1: Introduction

The basic details of the chosen topic will be described here so that reader can understand the theme of the research topic. In this chapter, concept of branding and its effect over customers’ decision-making process is described in a brief manner. Further, the research aim and objectives is stated that helps in better acknowledgment of the research topic.

Chapter 2: Literature Review

Theories and concepts help a researcher in understanding a particular topic or area of study. In this chapter, with the help of literature sources, the researcher has tried to evaluate the concept in a more standardised manner. Apart from that, critical perspective for study of the topic has helped in observing both the pros and cons of every particular topic.

Chapter 3: Research Methodology

Research process helpful in gaining better data collection concerning the research topic is mentioned in this chapter. Research methodology as a chapter helps in guiding the path that can lead to better study of the topic and can help in gathering details related to the study. Selection of research philosophy, approach, design and others help the researcher in better analysis of the study. However, choices of these research techniques are followed by the application of proper justification so that the most suitable tools are chosen.

Chapter 4: Data Analysis and Interpretations

Based on collection of data and information, the researcher opts for analysis of the sources so that a proper result can be generated in concern to the research topic. Impact of branding on customers’ decision-making is analysed in the chapter that helps the researcher in better knowledge of the topic as well. Data analysis with the help of various techniques and methods will help the researcher in understanding the topic and analysing based on the response of the participants.

Chapter 5: Conclusions and Recommendations

Concluding chapter of the dissertation will present an overall view of the research topic that will include the result of the topic as well. Depending on the research objectives, the researcher will try to determine the success level of the topic and will define the linking of the objectives accordingly.


Branding, this one simple word, in fact stands for a lot that goes on in the name of marketing. It’s one of the greatest (if not the greatest itself) pillars that erected the tower of marketing. This summation means that if you’re studying branding, you have a lot of options for research. If you’re writing a branding dissertation, you’re not only writing a marketing dissertation (which is the parent subject), you might choose to write a consumer behaviour dissertation (which falls within the parameters of branding). Keeping all this mind, I thought we could easily make a list of branding dissertation topics for our readers. And here we are.

The list is a set of marketing dissertation topics on branding that you can take inspiration from. Pick out the brand management dissertation topics that you like and follow them through scholarly literature to assess your research opportunities. If you like the direction it’s going in, that’s the branding dissertation title you want to work with. Tweak it a little to fit better around your capacity and preferences and you have a brand new title ready to go with your branding dissertation.

One last sentence before you jump onto the topics, my collegue Adam has written a blog on great dissertation topics in advertising. It's worth reading.

Branding Dissertation Topics Examples

Effect Of Risk On Brand Equity: Comparing Popular European Restaurant Chains.

Trickling Brand Value Down The Shelf: Case Of Major British Supermarkets And Their Own Products.

Retaining Brand Value Through Innovation: Studying Apple Inc.

Is Brand Value Immune To The Absence Of Product From The Market For Prolonged Periods?

Can Branding Overcome Injurious Products? A Case Study Of Coca-cola.

The Power Of Brand V Neglect To Ethics: A Study Of The Petroleum Industry.

Internet And Brand Outreach: A Case Study Of Fashion Retailers In The UK.

Semiotics And Branding: Breaking Down Logos Of Major British Brands.

How Brand Positioning Of Animal Health Product Can Be Improved Through Marketing Strategies In The UK Pharmaceutical Industry. (It Could Be A Case Of One Of The Leading Pharma. Company)

Should Celebrity Endorsement Be The Principal Channel Of Brand Communications Though It Acts As An External Cue?

Consumer Orientation In Small And Medium Enterprises: The Impact On Brand Loyalty.

How To Build A Strong Online Branding.

The Effect Of The Brand On Consumer Decision Making In Appliance Industry In XYZ Country.

The Role Of Packaging In Food Brand Extension; Does Physical Appearance Effect Consumer Reaction.

Evaluation Of Toyota Total Quality Management As The Key Driver Of Their Customer Brand Loyalty In The UK Market

Impact Of Brand Image And Product Design On Consumer Behaviour In Snowboarding Market.

The Phenomenon Of Digital Piracy: How A Company Can Respond With Public Relation Practices In Order To Protect Brand Name

Can Enhance Brand Experience Act As An Effective Way Of Combating Counterfeit Goods. In Relation To Louis Vuitton And Nike

The Impact Of Brand And Price On Consumer Behaviour During Economic Recession: A Case Of Clothing Market In Greece

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