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Any student can improve as a writer, an analyst of quantitative data, and a clear and persuasive presenter, or not. Any student can learn how to effectively work in and manage teams, even to the point of leading teams forward, or not. Success requires a challenging and supportive environment – the responsibility of the School – and effort and engagement – the responsibility of the student. We invite our students to engage with faculty to excel as a writer, an analyst, and a presenter. Business and organizations of all types value these skills.


Business writing tends to be concise, descriptive yet persuasive, well supported, and written using a positive voice. While some career paths may call for another type of writing, such as found in law school or graduate school, we emphasize solid business writing. Our faculty have assembled a writing guide to help but the most important ingredient is a desire to hone as skill that will last a lifetime.

See the School of Business Guide to Writing here.


Some areas of business conduct ongoing, in-depth quantitative analysis while other areas of business do this form of analysis less often. However, whether in sales or advertising, human resources or staff management, finance or accounting, virtually every business person now works to some extent with quantitative analysis. Our goal is to provide each student with the analysis skills consistent with their chosen career path. Even a student who tends more towards being a “people person” than a “numbers person” can achieve quantitative analytical skills helpful to their careers and their employers.


Along with good writing and insightful quantitative analysis, businesses value effective oral communications. Getting your point across to a single person can be difficult; speaking to a group of potential clients can be downright intimidating. Students are provided with many opportunities to enhance their presentation skills in a variety of classes within and outside the School of Business. As with most skills, practice helps.

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Assessment Resources

Sample Rubrics


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ABET Scoring Rubrics (U Delaware)

Academic and Social Integration (U South Dakota)

Action Project (Miami Ohio)

Action ResearchProject (Valencia College)

Application Paper (Miami Ohio)

Art History Writing (Goshen College)

Assessment Plans (Georgia State)

Assessment Plans (Kansas State)

Capstones (WASC Senior)

Assessing the Quality of Academic Program Learning Outcomes (WASC Sr)

Art Project (Zimmerworks)

Article Reviews

Analysis - primary source

Analysis - Feature Article (Catholic Forum)

Backwards Design (Utah Education Network)


Business Strategy Analysis (University of Scranton) - under Assessment Tools

Business Plan (Walton College)

Business Plan (Edison College)

Business Strategy (University of Scranton)

Case Studies

Citizenship (Lehi High School, Utah Education Network)

Civic Responsibiltiy AAC&U VALUE Rubric

Civic Responsibility (page 59) (Karla Gottlieb and Gail Robinson, Integrating Civic
Responsibility into the Curriculum)

Class discussion

Class Participation

Chemistry Project (Charco, Madrid)

Chemistry Project - (Mr. Karpe at Swenson)

Chemistry -George Mason University

Chemistry Rubrics - Science Geek

Collaboration, teamwork, participation, discussion

Comparative Study (San Diego State)

Computer Literacy (NC State)

Computer Literacy (Tusculum College)

Computer Science

Concept Map (Arizona State)

Creative Expression (Bismark State)

Creative Expression (Envision Schools)

Creativity / Innovation  (Metiri Wiki)

Critical Thinking

Cultural Literacy(Metiri Group in cooperation with NCREL)

Dance (Utah Education Network)

Data Analysis / Interpretation (Andrew Churches - Ed Origami)


Decision Making (University of Scranton) - under Assessment Tools


Diagnosis -Health Care (Bakersfield College)



Field Experience  - Education  (Clarion)

General Learner Outcomes (Hawaii Public Schools)

General Education Assessment Process - WASC Senior

Global Perspectives Rubric (University of Scranton) under Assessment Tools

Health Promotion Plan (Saskatchewan Learning)

Historical Fiction Essay (Harvard Grad School of Ed)

Health Care Rubrics

Humanities Core Course (UC Irvine)

Information Summary (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)

Information Literacy (Delaware Technical and Community College)

Information Literacy  (St. John's University, NYC)

Information Technology (Kelly Services)

Interpersonal Communication(Iowa State)

Inventions and Inovations (North Carolina A&T State University)

Journal Entries (Governor's State)

Journal - Science (Utah Education Network)

Journal - Team Activity (Lewis - Clark State College)

Lab Reports

Literature Review (Jane Lassetter Nursing, BYU)

Literature Review (Miami Ohio)

Management Case (St. Scholastica)

Mathematical Proofs

Classic Math (Exemplars)

Multi-media Project (North Carolina State)

Multidisciplinary Integration

Multimedia Book Report (Midlink Magazine)

Observational Reflections (US Oshkosh)

Online Instruction (Cal State Chico)

Oral Communication / Public Speaking / Presentations

Papers and Projects (see also Writing)

Peer Support Action Plan (Saskatchewan Learning)


Poster (Ohio Northern University)

Poster (Mott Hall School)

Problem Solving, Reasoning

Proposals - Funding / Grants



Proposal Evaluation (Urban Ministry)
Grant Proposals (Sceince Cases)
Grant Proposal Rubric (Entrepreneurs Inc.) 
Grant Proposal (Western Oregon)
Fellowship Proposals (Montana Integrated Learning Experience for Students)
Conference Grants (North East Association for Institutional Research)
Community Grants (Triangle Community Foundation)

Quantitative Literacy (Portland State)


Reflective Journal (Catholic Forum)

Reading / Thinking Journal (Middleweb)

Realistic Constraints (Ohio Northern University)

Science Rubrics (research paper, portfolio, reflective essay, oral presentation, lab report)

Scientific Method (Washington Middle School)

Science Experiment (Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence)

Science Experiment (Utah Education Network)

Service Learning

Subject Content (Ranier Group)

Technical Design (Engineering) (Ohio Northern University)

Technology applications (Texas Center for Educational Technology)

Technology Planning Analysis (Northern Iowa)

Technology Knowledge  - Teachers (California Technology Assistance Project)

Technology Facilitator (National Educational Technology Standards)

Video Production (Nuuanu School)

Visual Arts (Wyoming Arts Council)

Web page / multimedia project - MidLink Magazine

Web Site Rubric (Ohio Northern University)

Wellness Action Plan - Implementation (Saskatchewan Learning)

Writing Skills

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